Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility

Arif Habib Limited (AHL) is a firm believer in sustainable development. At AHL, we pride ourselves in contributing to the betterment of the lives of our communities and the people of Pakistan. Corporate philanthropy and development are a means to this, which allows us to give back to those around us. As a responsible member of the business society, we are actively working with local bodies and authorities to find ways in which we can help with various social programs and development projects.

Social Development

Arif Habib Limited (AHL) is a firm believer in contributing towards Social development of the community. Our aim is to improve the well-being of individuals in society so they can reach their full potential. Further, we have created a culture of a learning organization and have continuously invested in people, so that they can move forward on their path to self-sufficiency and improve the economic situation of a community.

Corporate Development

AHL continues to organize and sponsor events related to the development of the services sector of Pakistan. This year, AHL’s contribution held the key objective of promoting investment in Pakistan and abroad. These initiatives included:

  • Inter University Stock Trading Competition: Organized by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), the main purpose of this competition is to raise awareness among the youth regarding capital market as an avenue of investment.

  • “Financing your Business Expansion through Capital Market”: This event was held in Lahore and the objective was to gather a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on business growth, personal development and community engagement.

  • South Asian Federation of Exchanges SAFE-PSX IPO Summit 2016: Companies seeking long term growth capital and the investor community come together for a day of strategic deliberation, awareness generation and networking. The primary objective of the IPO Summit was to create awareness regarding benefits of listing on the stock exchange.

  • Colors of Indus Fair – Singapore: An annual fair held in Singapore organized by Fuchsia Magazine to promote small home-based start-ups with an opportunity to showcase their products to an international audience. AHL was the title sponsor for the event.

  • 13th Annual Excellence Awards Ceremony: Organized by CFA Association of Pakistan, the event recognized the excellence achieved by financial institutions and professionals in different categories.

  • 6th S&ME Senate and Business Development Conference: The objective of the event was to integrate various local Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (S&MEs) towards regional and international levels with a focus of providing a networking opportunity and chance to learn from one another.

Source: PSX